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Nei Yang Gong Qigong Foundation Level Exercise Routine

The Nei Yang Gong Qigong Foundation level is a short and easy to learn Qigong routine that is often used as a ‘warm up’ prior to the main Nei Yang Gong Qigong exercises.

As with all Nei Yang Gong Qigong exercises the focus is on soft, flowing and relaxed movement and breathing and the foundation level not only prepares the body and mind for the exercises to follow but can be used as a simple and easy to learn method of Qigong by itself.

Lying Posture

Yù Bèi Gōng 预备功 Preparation / Foundation work

Yù Bèi Shì 预备式 Ready position – Stand naturally straight, mind and body calm and relaxed with the arms hanging naturally at the dies of he body. Keep the head and neck naturally straight, chin slightly drawn in. Close the mouth and bring the teeth together. Lightly touch the tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth. Concentrate and breathe naturally, eyes looking forward. Feel the weight in your feet and feel they are rooted into the ground and that you are being lightly suspended by a thread attached to the top of your head so that your spine is being gently lengthened.

Quán Shēn Fàng Sōng 放松
Relax your whole body

Xǐn Qíng Píng Jing心情平静
Heart and mind calming down, peacefully and quietly

Miàn Dài Wéi Xiào 面带微笑
Smile on your face
Imagine every small cell of your body is smiling and working perfectly

Yì Shǒu Dān Tián 意守丹田
Gently shift your attention to your Dān Tián丹田, your centre, a point about 2 inches below the navel in the very centre of your body.

  1. Qǐ Shì
    Ready position - Step out with Left foot to shoulder width and stand naturally relaxed position
  1. Liǎng Bì Lún Huān
    Rotating arms in circles outwards then inwards (6/9 times)
  1. Liǎng Bì Lún Huān
    Rotating arms in the opposite direction inwards then outwards (6/9 times)
  1. Yaó Jīan
    Stretching arms forward bending at the waist then circling shoulders backwards (6/9 times)
  1. Yaó Jīan
    Opposite direction, bending at the waist circling shoulders forward then straightening spine(6/9 times)

  2. Zhuán Jīan
    Rotating single arms backwards (6/9 times)

  3. Zhuán Jīan
    Rotating single arms forwards (6/9)

  4. Chúi Jīan
    Striking chest, neck and shoulder points with loose fists (6/9 times)
    Yún Mén雲門 (Lung 2), Jiān Jǐng 肩井(Gall Bladder 21), and Jiān Yú肩隅 (Shoulder corner)

  5. Pāi Jīan Dǎ Shèn
    Patting shoulder and lower back with open palms (6/9 times)

  6. Pāi Dān Tián Dǎ Shèn
    Striking below belly button Dān Tián 丹田and lower back) Mìng Mén命門(Governing Vessel/Du Meridian 4) with loose fists (6/9 times)

  7. Pāi Yaō Dǎ Kùa
    Striking side of waist Dài Mài 帶脈(Gall Bladder 26) and side of thigh Fēng Shì 风市(Gall Bladder 31) with loose fists(6/9 times)

  8. Pāi Dǎ Huán Tiò
    Striking groin 3 times then bending knees and strike to buttocks Huán Tiò環跳 (Gall Bladder 30) with loose fists (6/9 times)

  9. Roú Xī
    Circling knees around toes (knees bent, hands over knee caps) (6/9 times each direction)

  10. Pāi Dǎ Zú Sān Lǐ
    Striking side of lower leg on the anterior tibialis muscle approximately one fist width below knee at
    Sān Lǐ足三里point (Stomach 36) (36 times)

  11. Tí Xī Pāi Tǔi
    Raising and slapping sides of knee (6/9 times)
  1. Shēn Jiàng Shū Dǎo
    Ascending and descending (stretching up and down) (6 times)

  2. Shēn Zhǎn Qiān Lā
    Ascending and descending stretching up spine at top (Shē Zhǎn Qiān Lā) and relaxing waist and back at bottom (Fāng sōng Yāo Bèi) (3 times)

  3. Sān Yīn/Yáng Jìn / Shǒu Sān Yīn/Yáng Jìn
    Patting lower back, buttocks, outside of legs (Yang meridian), inside of legs (Yin meridian), groin, stomach, Left chest, inside of Left arm (Yin meridian), outside of Left arm (Yang meridian), Right Chest, inside of Right arm (Yin meridian), outside of right arm (Yang meridian), striking upper back (3 times repeat)

  4. Cūo Yāo Massaging waist at lower back downwards (6/9 times)

  5. Shǒu Shì Closing, 3 outward arms circles on 3rd hands together and circle down to Dān Tián 丹田then step in so that the feet are one fist width distance apart and return hands to side of body.

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