Welcome to website of Nei Yang Gong and Tai Ji Quan

Welcome to website of Nei Yang Gong and Tai Ji Quan

Nei Yang Gong Qigong 功气功is a family method of Qigong that until the 1940s had only been traditionally taught orally and handed down from master to disciple through each generation.

Nei Yang Gong Qigong was founded by Hao Xiang Wu and has since then been passed down through seven generations. Hao Xiang Wu lived to a ripe old age of 106 years old and each of the subsequent successors each lived to over 90 years of age.
The only exception was Liu Gui Zhen刘贵珍who died aged 64 years.

It was in 1948 that Liu Gui Zhen returned to his home town in Hebei province suffering from severe health problems, including tuberculosis, brought on by malnutrition suffered his service throughout the civil war in an attempt to try to regain his health During this period he was taught Qigong by his uncle, who was the 5th successor of Nei Yang Gong Qigong.

Liu Gui Zhen made a full recovery after practicing for 100 days and returned to his work as a medical doctor in good health.

In 1949 at the founding of the Peoples Republic of China Liu Gui Zhen, now the 6th successor of Nei Yang Gong Qigong, broke with tradition and began to teach Nei Yang Gong Qigong to many of the patients in the rest home at which he was working, many of whom were suffering from digestive problems. The treatments proved so successful that patients came from all over the province to seek treatment from him and as a result a state funded Qigong Research department was established at Hebei hospital.

In 1953 a research group was established by Liu Gui Zhen and 300 cases of digestive problems were researched over a 100 day period, producing pre, during and post Qigong practice data. The results indicated that the treatment had produced a positive effect in 100% of the cases researched and had resulted in full recovery of 95% of the patients, including some suffering from stomach ulcers. As a result further research was then carried out by a Government Medical group.

In 1954 Liu Gui Zhen was able to establish a Qigong clinic in the city of Tangshan which continued to achieve successful results and in 1955 the Tangshan centre received a high level Government award and the Nei Yang gong Qigong treatment method was then introduced into hospitals around china.

In 1956 the Beidaihe Medical Qigong hospital and training facility was established and many of the early patients included high ranking government officials.

In 1959 over 200 hospital in China were offering Qigong treatment and over 50 of them attended a conference, each producing research data, with the treatment having a 94% positive effect rate in over 25 conditions and the treatment leading to a complete recovery in 80% of the case studied.

In 1966 the Cultural Revolution sadly brought the Qigong program to an abrupt close and it was not until 10 years later that it was re-established at the Beidaihe facility

The Nei Yang Gong system of Qigong is currently used to treat over 80 medical conditions and has even been used in the Chinese government space program. Current research includes the treatment of diabetes.

Sadly Liu Gui Zhen died in 1983 but his teachings have been passed on to his daughter Liu Yafei, the 7th successor of Nei Yang Gong Qigong who continues her father’s work to this day, working not only at the Beidaihe centre but traveling the world teaching and demonstrating the Nei Yang Gong system of Qigong

Liu Gui Zhen left behind a wealth of knowledge including a book on the Nei Yang Gong system of Qigong titled ‘Liao Fa Shi Jian’ (The Practice of Qigong Therapy)

The Nei Yang Gong Qigong Lineage

  1. Hao Xiang Wu

  2. Xue Win Zhan

  3. Zhang Xui Zhong

  4. Zhang Chun He

  5. Liu Du Zhong

  6. Liu Gui Zhen 刘贵珍

  7. Liu Yafei 刘亚非

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