Welcome to website of Nei Yang Gong and Tai Ji Quan

Welcome to website of Nei Yang Gong and Tai Ji Quan

The Nei Yang Gong system of Qigong has comprises three elements;

Dòng Gōng (Moving work)
Moving Qigong exercises which strengthen and lengthen the muscles and help regulate the body’s natural energy.

Jìng Gōng (Quiet work)
Static and meditative or mental and exercises which seek to calm and strengthen the mind and positively influence the movement and flow of Qi around the body.

Baǒ Jiàn ān Mō Fǎ 保健按摩法 (Protect health press rub method) the Self massage techniques which help open the meridians and encourage the flow of energy around the body,

There are also three ‘levels’ of Nei Yang Gong Qigong practice;

Chū Jí 初级 - The Foundation level

The set of Dong Gong physical exercises used also the warm up for the intermediate level Nei Yang Gong exercises which is aimed at relaxing and strengthening the body

Sōng Jìng Zhū Jí Fǎ 松静筑基法
– (relax quiet build foundation method)
The Jing Gong meditative practice which involves learning to relax, direct energy, think positively and achieve a quiet peaceful state of mind

Baǒ Jiàn ān Mō Fǎ 保健按摩法(‘protect health press rub method’) the self massage techniques used to stimulate

Zhōng Jí 中级The Intermediate level

  • The 24 Nei Yang Gong Qigong Dong Gong (Moving) exercises;

Sections 1 & 2, Yì Jīn Xíng Qì Fǎ (‘Strengthening the muscles and regulating the Qi’)

Sections 2 & 4, Xíng Qì Yán Shòu Fǎ (‘Regulating Qi and prolonging life).

  • The quiet and relaxing mental Jing Gong (Quiet) practice using a range of breathing techniques, visualizations, and postures, while focusing on Qi and directing energy, balancing the body, and achieving a peaceful and harmonious practice

Gāo Jí
高级The Advanced level

At the advanced level Nei Yang Gong Qigong becomes a spontaneous and meditative practice.

In Dong Gong (moving work) this level is called Ling Xing Zi Dong Fa 灵性自动法in which the movement becomes especially soft, spontaneous, and without effort.

In Jing Gong (quiet work) this level is called Shen Qi He Yi Fa 神气合一法 a level of Qigong
practice in which the Spirit, the Qi and the universe merge together and operate as one. At this level there is no awareness of self as separate from nature.

The 3 basic elements of Neiyang Gong are the three classic qigong regulations:

  • Tiao sheng - regulation of body
  • Tiao xi - regulation of breath
  • Tiao shen - regulation of mind

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